Cable assemblies

We have an engineering department specialized in cable and professional electronic equipment industrializing, customizing client’s needs.

We have automatic machines for cable cutting and stripping and connector crimping.

Our assemblies are all computer tested.

Whenever it is possible, we design a custom harness board for error-free assembling.

∙ Telecommunication (coaxial and paired), ethernet and power cable assemblies.

∙ Cable assemblies for atmosphere and vacuum chamber tests.

∙ Militar and railway cables

∙ Special electronic equipment wiring.

∙ Rack wiring.

∙ Control and distribution electrical panels.

Company Presentation

Productos Industriales VAF, S.L.

Industrial Products VAF, S.L. is certified to EN IS0 9001 since 1997 and registered in DOCUPLUS S&I.
Images of our manufactured products

fabricacion clabes especialescabelado ferroviario y militar

cableado equipos electronicos montaje cableado ferroviario

fabricantes de cableado cableado ferroviario

cabelado telecomunicacionescableado equipos electronicos